A City of Taste

The gastronomy of Ripatransone respects tradition, continuing to keep itself healthy, genuine and tasty. In restaurants and agritourisms, as well as in village festivals, dishes are prepared following ancient recipes, some of which have been revived recently, such as: the ciavarro (in dialect, "lu ciavarra") - traditional soup of 12 legumes and cereals considered a typical dish par excellence, angel hair or fine macaroni, tacconi - pasta made with mixed wheat or corn flour - seasoned with chopped bacon, mint, garlic and vinegar ("li taccu' 'nghë lu sapëritta"), stracciatella - soup made with eggs, stockfish in sauce, polenta with pork rinds, livers with eggs, frittura mista all'ascolana (Ripan variant of Ascoli olives with fresh meat), lumache ("li cuccelú"), pollo alla 'ncip 'nciap - chicken broken in a pan with herbs, rabbit with olives, pecorino cheese with fresh broad beans, frustingo ("lu frestinga") - Christmas typicality made with figs and dried fruit, tart with ricotta cheese, must and aniseed doughnuts, pork ravioli - typicality of carnival, digerini with Vino Santo di Ripatransone.

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