Land of food and wine

Ripatransone, where great winemaking tradition and authentic local cuisine come together to create an extraordinary combination. On the Belvedere del Piceno, the banners of City of Wine and ofOil thanks to the quality of its agricultural production, capable of excellently combining ancient customs and innovation

A winederful territory

The City of Ripatransone is a land of extraordinary winemaking tradition. Its area planted with vines, that is, cultivated with vines, is the most extensive in the Marche regionEighteen are 18 wineries based in the City with production ranging from richly intense whites to full-bodied, structured reds. The city celebrates its wine production with ViteNeiVicoli, the event where knowledge and flavors tell the story of the territory

Tasting Landscapes

In Ripatransone the gastronomy is at home. The best traditional dishes can be enjoyed in the area's restaurants. From the desire to promote Ripan and Piceno excellence come successful events such as Le Vie di Bacco, an authentic food and wine walk through the cuisines of the City. Also not to be missed are the Area festivals and the Puzzle Gastronomico (Gastronomic Puzzle), the most anticipated family cooking event of the summer


Visit Ripatransone

Immerse yourself in a timeless atmosphere where history, culture, art, nature and food and wine regenerate body and spirit