A real City of art

Between civic museums and private collections, the scent of history and culture can be breathed in Ripatransone.

Discover the City's art treasures

Bonomi-Gera Palace

Painting, Sculpture, Ethnography and History inside one of the borough's most prestigious buildings

Archaeological Museum "Cesare Cellini"

Among the most valuable testimonies of the Picenian and Roman periods.

Museum of Peasant and Artisan Culture

A dive into the rural tradition of the area

Episcopal Museum of Sacred Art

The sacred art of the ancient City Diocese

Treasure chests to be observed and stories to be heard

Discover the City's other collections

History and Traditions

Fire Horse Museum

The home of the symbol of Ripatransone, Italy's Heritage for Tradition


The museum is open by reservation only.

Strada Provinciale Cuprense, c/o Museo della Civiltà Contadina ed Artigiana

0735 99329



Barbie Museum

The myth of the world's most famous doll in the heart of the Ripan Hills


The museum is open by reservation only.

Contrada Fonte Antica, c/o Agriturismo 2 Cipressi

0735 99290