A panorama that leaves you breathless

The city, as it is situated in a secluded position among the Piceno heights on a hill that reaches 508 meters above sea level, offers visitors a striking 360-degree panoramic view of the Marche and northern Abruzzo hinterland that earns it the nickname "Piceno's Belvedere".

Such a view ranges from the north, where we can make out the Conero and Titan Mountains, to the south, being able to clearly spot Majella, passing through the entire Apennine arc with the Sibillini Mountains, the Laga Mountains and the Gran Sasso massif.

In exceptional visibility conditions, the Gargano and even the Dinaric Alps of Dalmatia can be seen in the distance.

A unique territory

Ripatransone's is one of the largest municipal territories in the Piceno region.

An area where nature and centuries-old human action are intertwined, giving exciting landscapes

Anelli Piceni

The cycling district immersed in the incredible biodiversity of the Ripan territory

A plunge into unspoiled nature

Every green corner of Ripatransone hides precious treasures

The Forest of the Friars and the Adventure Park

Visit Ripatransone's Forest of the Friars and experience the excitement of its adventure park

Ripatransone's Forests

Explore the SCI of the Woods of Ripatransone and Cupra Marittima, immersed in authentic and unspoiled nature